Proshee: Prolog Type Analysis

Project admin: Asad Sayeed (asayeed at users DOTTIE sourceforge DOTTIE net)

Proshee is a type-analysis system for Prolog based on Banshee, an efficient set-constraint solver for type analysis written in C. This project was originally developed for a class I took. People on the mailing list for SWI Prolog suggested I make it public for their edification. Credit goes to Jeff Foster for suggesting that I use Banshee and helping me figure out how to use it.

As implied above, you will need Banshee and a recent version of SWI Prolog to use Proshee. You will also certainly need a gcc version capable of compiling Banshee. (You might be able to use another kind of Prolog, but I haven't tried.)

The SourceForge project summary for this project is here. There is a tarball containing the initial release and, of course, the CVS repository.

The software works, but the interface is poor and there are a number of problems with the type system as I have set it up. The tarball contains documentation in PDF, but I provide it here. Documentation for running it is in a README file in the tarball.

This software is provided under the GNU Public License. If you're interested in contributing to it, email me, and I'll make you a member.